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I'm at 1079 South Street, Tewksbury, MA.
Now What?
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1079 South Street is a HUGE lot, and Action Games Paintball is nestled deep in the back. When you turn onto the dirt road, you'll first see some large trucks and trailers, followed by some horses on the left. Just keep going. You might even see a "No Trespassing Sign" and a "Security Cameras in use" sign. Keep going. About 3/4  mile down, the road will fork: you can go straight or turn right. Go straight, and Action Games will be just another 100 yards farther down the dirt road.


Watch for Paintballers!

The last stretch of the dirt Road may be temporarily closed while a paintball game occurs up and down the length of it. A referee will request that you stop and wait for the Action to conclude before waving you on to proceed.

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