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Bachelor Parties are a BLAST at Action Games!

$60/player for Admission, 500 paintballs, and Rental gear

-Standard and Low-Impact-

Final photos after a Bachelor Party at Action Games

Throw an incredible party for your groom or bride-to-be! Or combine the parties for the ultimate Jack-and-Jill. Play a variety of scenario and elimination-based games, bond with friends and family, and create lasting memories before the big day! You can even dare the guest of honor to RUN THE GAUNTLET. Let the friendly staff at Action Games handle all the work. You just worry about landing a few hits on the bride or groom. And did we mention the FREE BBQ Lunch?

Standard Paintball: Ages 10+
Low-Impact Paintball: Ages 8+


get your adrenaline fix at Action Games

See the enemy move into position. Hear the paintballs whizz by your head. Smell the Fresh Air. Feel the Rush!

No Kids

play with other adults at Action Games

Don't want to play with children? Make it a Private Party. 

Music and Food

Music and food provided at Action Games

We'll crank the tunes in the safe-zone, and we serve Hotdogs and Burgers at lunchtime...for FREE!

A bachelor Party at Action Games
Bring a cooler full of snacks and drinks!
Setup at one of our picnic tables and


Play Paintball, THEN crack open a Beer.
Anyone over the age of 21 may drink at our facility,
but only
AFTER they are done playing. BYOB
Don't wanna explain to the S.O. why someone lost an eye before the wedding.
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