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Special Events at
 Action Games!

Special Events like BYOP, Scenarios, and Class-Specific private games offer players a different way to Play Paintball at Action Games


Want to see the various fields of Action Games converted into one huge battleground? For Scenarios at Action Games, we connect our Trenches, Jumanji, Forts, and Hyperball Fields into one huge 50-acre playground. Complete fun objectives, win some sweet prizes, and build your community of ballers at

Action Games Paintball Scenarios


On Special Dates, usually the last Sunday of each Month, you can bring your own paintballs to Action Games. We know how expensive the game can be. BYOP offers players a chance to save some $$ on paint by bringing their own supply. And we never mark up the prices of our paintballs on BYOP days!


Occasionally, we'll invite owners of a specific class of paintball marker to play private games for players using just that class. Mag Fed and Pump gun popularity is growing fast, so come play a day of games without speed-feeding hoppers and endless ropes of paint.

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