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Throw the Ultimate Birthday party at Action Games Paintball

Children at an Action Games birthday party
Standard Paintball: Ages 10+
Low-Impact Paintball: Ages 8+

Safety First

Safety First at Action Games Paintball Birthday Parties

Vigilant Field Marshalls supervise all paintball games and the safe zone. We monitor for safety and fair play!

Lightweight Paintball Guns

lightweight paintball guns are great for children of all ages at Action Games

Rental gear is easy to carry and maneuver with, even when fully loaded with Paintballs!

Low-impact Shooting Velocity

Play low-impact paintball at Action Games

Even the standard, 68-caliber paintball guns shoot at the lowest effective speeds. The smaller, 50-cal paintball is ideal for children as young as 8 and older players who aren't quite ready for the more intense 68s.

Kids ages 10+ love paintball birtthday parties at Action Games


$60/player for Admission, 500 paintballs, and Rental gear

-Standard and Low-Impact-

"So how does this work? We've never played before..."
Chilren loading their rental paintball guns at Action Games for a birthday Party

Teens and adults love it, too!

1: Get Fitted for Gear

Staff will help all players adjust their goggles for a safe and comfortable fit

2: Get Guns and Paint

Staff will distribute paintball guns, 500 paintballs for each player, and explain how to properly load paint

3: Get Oriented

A Safety Marshall will thoroughly explain how to use the paintball gun safely and how to play the games fairly.

4: Get Some Action

Participate in as many games as you'd like, right up until the very last game at 3pm

Bring a cake! 
Bring a cooler full of snacks and drinks!

Setup at one of our picnic tables and

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