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Private Events at

Action Games

Enjoy all that we have to offer, and MORE!
Available to Groups of 10 or more Players

Play Paintball on your own Terms

Make your day at Action Games extra special with a Private Paintball Party! We'll assign a dedicated referee (or two) to facilitate your Private outing. Enjoy the day at your own pace and play as many or as few games as you'd like from open to close. 
Customize the Rules!
Make it a one-of-a-kind experience with your own set of rules. Want to add respawns or change the mission objectives? Our fun, creative refs will make it happen. Want to play "head-shots only" or "gun hits do not count" or make other changes? Just tell your ref. Paintball is way more fun when you get to make the rules!
But you must keep your mask on outside the Safe Zone. That's non-negotiable!
Private Games are ideal for:
Birthday Parties
Company Outings
Bachelor Parties
... & more
Got a group of first-timers and don't want to play with experienced players?
Make it a Private Party!
Got a group of die-hards and don't want to play with the n00bz?
Make it a Private Party!
Want to LARP?
Make it a Private Party!
The private party fee covers the cost of your dedicated referee(s) and is added to your total price of admission.
Example: A private Party for 10 players using rental gear is $650
($45/player + 10x $10 rental kits + $100 private party fee)

We waive the fee for Huge groups of 40 or more players because our regular game-day staff will officiate your games.
Private Party Pricing
10-19 Players:
20-39 Players: $150
40+ Players: FREE!
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