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Special Objectives, Raffles, Community
Next Scenario: Sunday July 28, 2024
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Travel back to colonial times of the American Revolution.
Join the Blue Continental Army and Defy the Empire,
or Fight with the Red British Empire to Crush the Rebellion! Switch between offense and defense over 4 rounds and do it all for Charity!
A generous portion of proceeds from admission and paint sales and 100% of raffle ticket proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Can't make it but want to support the Wounded Warrior Project anyway? Click here to make a tax-deductible donation!
This is a full venue, field paint-only Scenario.
Medals for Most Valuable Team
Trophy for Most Valuable Player
Admission for Season Pass Holders: $0

VIP Grenadier Package: 

Pre-Pay Only



2x Raffle Tickets

All Day Air

2,000 rds Graffiti

Pre-Pay or Day-of


Basic Package:


1 Raffle Ticket

All Day Air

Bag of 500: $20
Box of 2,000: $65 

Bag of 500: $25
Box of 2,000: $80 

Raffle Tickets

1 ticket: $3
4 tickets: $10 

Rental Gear

Emek + Mask: $10
HPA Bottle: $10



Field Paint

Graffiti Paintt

The Complete Rules of the Scenario are coming soon!

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