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Adhere to these Game and Safety Rules and everyone will have a BLAST
1. Treat the Paintball Gun Like a REAL WEAPON throughout the day.
A Paintball gun is not a toy, and you can seriously injure yourself or someone else if you fail to use it correctly. Never aim your gun at anybody, and Keep your fingers OFF the trigger unless you are on a Paintball battlefield AND everyone is wearing Goggles.
2. Keep your Goggles ON whenever you are NOT in the safe zone.
Goggles must fit snuggly on your head, protecting your eyes, nose, and mouth. Please see a staff member if you need help with your goggles. Failure to wear your goggles properly outside the designated Safe Zone could result in a serious, IRREVERSIBLE paintball injury. This rule applies to players and Staff.
3. Your gun must be PLUGGED and set to SAFE MODE before you enter the Safe Zone.
Safety Marshalls will show you how to switch the safety ON and OFF, and they'll show you how to remove and replace the Barrel Plug. If you have your own gun, you must be able to switch off the trigger and use a barrel sleeve or plug.
4. No "Messing around," throwing paint, or pretend shooting in the Safe Zone.
The most common Paintball injuries are those that occur when players are not playing paintball but are instead "messing around" with the gun. We have a saying at Action Games: There is always a ball in the chamber. Respect the gun and its potential for injury. Please do not throw paintballs in the Safe Zone. You won't knock someone's eye out by throwing a paintball, but it could still hurt.
5. Yellow Ropes Mark the course boundaries.
Please stay within the bounds of each paintball course. Doing so will keep the games moving at a reasonable pace, prevent you from getting lost, and keep you safe. If you see train tracks, you've gone WAYYY out of bounds. Turn around and go in the opposite direction to get back into play.
6. 10-Foot Surrender Rule.*
If you sneak up on your opponent, you must offer them an opportunity to surrender by shouting "Surrender!" If the player refuses to surrender, you may shoot at them, but DO NOT AIM FOR THE HEAD AT CLOSE RANGE. If you do not offer them a chance to surrender, you will be called out.
7. No Point Blank Shooting. No Bunkering!*
If you get close enough to touch your opponent DO NOT PULL THE TRIGGER! Instead, tag them on the shoulder with your hand and say "You're Out." 
*Private groups may opt to remove Rules 6 and 7 if they are looking for a more extreme experience*
8. You are out if....
a) Self-surrender at any time if you no longer wish to play
b) Someone forces surrender on you per Rules 6 & 7.
c) A Paintball hits you and breaks, leaving a mark of paint. If the paintball bounces off, you're still in. If the ball hits a barrier, and the paint lands on you, you're still in! Any part of your body or gear is fair game. Gun shots count, ammo pack shots count, head shots count (but please, no aiming for the head at close range.)
9. When eliminated, announce "I'm out," and put a hand up.
Keep your goggles on and at least one hand up as you exit the playing field. The Field Marshalls, dressed in bright red t-shirts, will direct you where to go. Move quickly off the playing field and get clear of the shooting. It is your responsibility as an eliminated player to get clear of the Action and back to the Safe Zone. Do not target players who have been eliminated.
10. Listen to and obey orders given by the Field Marshalls.
The Field Marshalls are friendly, but very serious about safe and fair play. If a marshall calls you out, You are OUT. If the marshall asks for your paintball gun, hand it over to them. Marshalls do not mind getting hit in the crossfire, but DO NOT INTENTIONALLY TARGET THEM. 
11. 280 FPS, 10 BPS, and Field Paint Only
You may play with your own paintball gun at Action Games so long as you agree to tune your gun to 280 feet/second. Ramping and burst are ok but do not exceed 10 balls/second. All players must use paint provided by or purchased from Action Games Paintball. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for the safety of all players, staff, and the beautiful natural environment where we play.
And NO ALCOHOL until you're DONE playing paintball.
Players who violate these rules, intentionally or not, will be subject to suspension or ejection from the grounds.
"Got it! I'm Ready to Play!"
"I still have some questions."
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