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It's a BLAST

Your Paintball Adventure starts here!

Players of all experience levels will have a BLAST on our huge, immersive woodsball Paintball grounds. Bring your own equipment or play with our top-notch rental gear and...

Never Played Before?
You're not alone. 90% of our players have never played before, either.
Let's walk through a day at 
1: Get Dressed!
Check the weather BEFORE you come to play, and be ready to spend a few hours running around outside in the woods of Tewksbury, MA. Sweatpants and hoodies are good for colder days while shorts and a t-shirt are ideal for those summer scorchers. Eat a good breakfast, drink some water, and get ready to burn some calories!
2: Get Fitted!
When you arrive, our friendly staff will help you find and equip properly fitting paintball gear. Our rental package includes:
Valken Face Mask with Fog Resistant Goggles
Planet Eclipse Emek
Ammo Pack
3: Get Oriented!
Our experienced Safety Marshalls will escort your party into our target range to thoroughly explain all the rules and safety guidelines of paintball. They'll show you how to safely operate the paintball gun, how to play and win games, and what to do when you get hit by a paintball.
The first two rules are the most important:
1. Treat your paintball gun like a
REAL WEAPON throughout the day.
2. Keep your Mask
ON whenever you are NOT in the Safe Zone.
4: Get Some ACTION!
You're now equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to safely play some Paintball! Our Safety Marshalls will escort you out to each Playing Field and supervise games. We'll play several games between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm and you can Play as Many Games as You'd Like!
Ready to BOOK your Paintball Adventure?
Still have Questions?
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