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MagFed-Pump Private Games


No Mag size limits, Bring your own FSR!


Play private sessions just for MagFed and Pump gun players. Traditional Hoppers are allowed, but no spare pods will be permitted. If you bring your own FSR, we kindly ask that you pay a $15 premium on top of your price of admission.

Admission: $50 (includes 500 standard paintballs)

BYOFSR Premium: $15

Season Pass Holder Admission: $0

Rental Gear: $10

(for now, these will be traditional gravity-fed hoppers but no spare pods will be supplied)

First Strike Rounds will NOT be available for purchase at Action Games this time around. We're trying to change that. Until we do, we ask that you pay the $15 premium to make up for lost paint sales.

Valken Field Paint
Valken Graffiti Paint
Bag of 500

Box of 2,000

*Action Games Reserves the right to reject any FSR paintballs that we declare unsafe.

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