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Plan the Ultimate
Adventure at Action Games

Available Dates: Starting in March and running through the end of November, Action Games is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday. Weekday Sessions are available by Appointment Only to groups of 10 or more players. 


Every Saturday and Sunday (March thru November)

Check-in 9:15 am

Initial Safety Briefing* 9:45 am

First Games 10:00 am

FREE BBQ Lunch** 12ish pm - 2:30ish pm

Last Check-in 2:00 pm 

Last Games 3:00 pm

You may arrive any time before 2:00 pm, but to ensure the most Paintball for your admission fee, we advise arriving no later than 10:30 pm.

Individuals and groups of 9 or fewer players will play together in General Public games. As many as 50, or more, players will participate in large-scale games on our large, outdoor paintball grounds. Players of all ages and skill levels will play these games. At the discretion of management, the General Public group may be subdivided into two or more groups based on age and/or skill level. 

Parties of 10 or more players have the option of playing Private games separate from the General Public. Additional fees may be applied to groups requesting Private Play. This fee covers the cost of additional staff to officiate Private games. 


Walk-on groups, REGARDLESS OF PARTY SIZE, will play with the General Public. No Exceptions 

*Attendance at the Safety Briefing is Mandatory for all first-time Players. First-time players who arrive after 9:45 will receive a thorough Safety Briefing before playing any Paintball. 

**We serve beef and pork hotdogs and beef burgers on white buns. Allergies or food restrictions? Please contact us prior to your scheduled day of play and we will try to accommodate.


Groups of 10 or more can Play Paintball any other day of the week at Action Games. Arrive as early as 10 am and play for up to 5 hours or until Sunset, whichever comes first.

Enjoy all that we have to offer with NO additional Private Play fees! You choose when you'd like to arrive, set the pace of play, and customize the game rules within reason. Weekday games are great for company outings, school vacations, or just to escape the bustle of a crowded weekend session. 

We are unable to process online payments via Square gift cards or discount Vouchers. Please contact us via email or telephone to pay using these methods. Sorry for the inconvenience.

tel: 781-572-1051



For the safety of all and to ensure fair play,

Please Do Not bring your own Paintballs to Action Games. YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO USE THEM.

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