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2023 Season Finale

What a year for Paintball at
Action Games

...and there's still more Action to Get!
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The 2023 Season Finale is
Saturday, November 25

2024 Season Pass Raffle Hunt

The raffle prize at the Season Finale will be a 2024 Spec Ops Season Pass to Action Games, but it will not be a traditional Raffle Prize format. Instead of purchasing raffle tickets,
players must find them
while playing Paintball!

Scattered around each of the Fields will be dozens of little containers. Each container will hold some raffle tickets. Claim the containers and the Raffle tickets are yours!

Deposit your claimed Raffle Tickets into the Raffle box for a chance to win.

Learn more about the Spec Ops Season Pass

The Complete Rules of the Season Pass Hunt 

To Enter: No purchase is necessary. Raffle Tickets will not be available for purchase. The contest is open to all players present at Action Games on Sunday, November 25. Non-player spectators are ineligible. The Prize is a 2024 Spec Ops Season Pass to Action Games. Gameplay: Raffle Containers will be scattered around the playing fields of Action Games starting at 10 am. You must be in play during a game to claim a raffle container. Eliminated players may not claim containers or look for them. Containers claimed by eliminated players will be forfeited. Eliminated players can try again when the next game starts. Once a container is claimed, the raffle tickets inside become the property of that player, even if they are subsequently eliminated from play. Players must deposit the individual "Ticket" halves of their raffle tickets into the designated Raffle Box, and keep the "Keep This Coupon" half of the ticket to claim a chance to win. Winning: The winner of the Raffle Prize will be announced at approximately 2:30 pm on Nov 25. The winner must be present at the time of drawing to claim the Prize. If the Prize is not claimed within moments of the winning number being drawn, a new winning number will be drawn. Disqualifications: The staff at Action Games reserves the right to deny awarding the Prize to any participant who has violated the rules of the contest or the general gameplay and safety rules of Action Games.

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